The activities of the V.M. Rabolú Foundation are developed with the collaboration of volunteers who carry out their work in a gratuitous and disinterested way, who connect the foundation through an agreement of volunteering, which implies for both parties obligations of solidarity and collaboration set in the contest of ethics and diligence.


With respect to this, article 3 of Law 720 of 2001 defined volunteering as:


“(…).Theset of actions of general interest developed by natural or legal people who exercise their action of service to the community by virtue of a relationship of civil and voluntary character (…),” and defined the volunteers as “(…),any natural person who freely and responsibly without receiving any  labour-related remuneration, offers time, work, talent towards building the common good in a collective or individual way, within public and private organizations or outside of them (…)”.


Next, we share the four basic concepts of the volunteering of the law 6/ January 15th 1996, issued by KING JUAN CARLOS THE 1ST. of Spain


VOLUNTARITY. Volunteering, voluntary action is the result of a freechoice; it is an ethical, personal, gratuitous option, which does not expect acompensation or reward. The exact word is not disinterest since the volunteer has an interest, a lot of it, and obtains satisfaction in his/her personal motivations.


SOLIDARITY. Altruism means love towards another; it is the contrary of selfishness.  Volunteering, the voluntary action exists only when effect on others, when its interest is collective, general, public. The volunteering is a means of addressing social necessities, problems and interest, and not a means in itself of satisfying volunteers. Voluntary action supposes a solidarity commitment in order to improve collective living.


ACTION. Volunteering is not only an ethic value, anattitudebut also a specific practice.  Volunteering is action and facts. If it remains only in the vague spirit of a good person, a good citizen, it will endup being something empty and without sense. Although it is also certain that it is not possible the pure action without a soul, without values. But what changes the world, what confronts problems and necessities, is action.


ORGANIZATION. Volunteering, as being something important, cannot be treated as a personal, individual, testimonial, intimate practice; because the object of the volunteering is to improve reality, transform the world and do it efficiently. The volunteering requires to act in an organized way, joining forces instead of improvisation and spontaneity. Therefore, voluntary action must be an organized, systematic, synergic actionwhich requires associations or foundations in which to act.



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