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A contribution to the Essential: Altruism…


We see in these times how our society lives more and more in the absence of values, with the obvious difficult consequences that this is generating.

The Foundation V.M. Rabolú with its program “A Book for everyone”, with its team of volunteers, in the face of this delicate and pressing situation, is contributing to the transformation of this reality…for the sake of an ascending culture, following the course of the ethical, universal principles, respect for all that is life, generating Consciousness.

One way to get there is through altruistic leadership in the transcendent service or Reading And Values, with innovative texts and programs that contextualize man, allowing him to Be,from his values and his autonomy.


Free, deep, thoughtful reading, as in philosophy, must be critical, creative, careful, as well as diverse; its nature is to construct meanings. The transcendent thing about it is that it forms us, it transforms us; it forges the paths along which future knowledge will walk, while educating us, while strengthening us.

In this regard, there is much to do, individually and collectively, by joining forces and generating synergies.

It is in this context that there is much to be grateful for, for all that has been achieved during these years; gratitude, in particular to all our Volunteers, for their constant sacrifice, commitment and dedication, as they have all collaborated in one way or another to achieve the results we have today.


To these who go directly to the classrooms and face the day-to-day of the program in schools, homes, parks and other environments.

To the Student Leaders of the Educational Institutions who, with their participation and enthusiasm, have allowed for the successful realization of the Program “A Book for All”.

To the many rectors or principals, who on behalf of their educational institutions, authorized the activity, while witnessing the altruistic and constructive nature of the program.


To the Teachers that are promoting and strengthening the program with their expressions, opinions and contributions.

To those who cooperate silently from their places or positions and contribute from their possibilities.

Special appreciation to Our Families, who, with patience and sacrifice, become anonymous actors, so that the social management can continue to progress; they are also architects of the results.


To those who contribute, with one idea, with financial support, others from the offices, even others from the criticism and so on. We have learned from all of them; even many or them, without being aware, have added up so that we get to where we are today.

Our heartfelt thanks to author V.M. Rabolú, for his legacy , for providing youth, us as volunteers and the community at large, with an opportunity to change and transform reality for a better world.


Likewise, our appreciation and gratitude to the legal advisers, the tax inspector, the accountant and the administrative department of our Institution for their invaluable services. Also, our acknowledgment and gratitude towards the private institutions that contribute to the fulfillment of our social management.

To the Foundation V.M. Rabolú, which is the fundamental instrument and vehicle where we can all, through solidarity, cooperation and empathy, create unity for the common good.



General Director