The V.M. Rabolú Foundation is a non-profit entity, it is independent of any particular interests and is regulated as a private entity.


In this capacity, the V.M. Rabolú Foundation, in accordance to the Colombian legislation, is characterized as an institution that emerged from the will of people who destine and transfer part of their assets to the initial assets of the Foundation, which must be used exclusively for fulfilling the object of the institution, which is related to the common well-being, the interests of society or common usefulness.


The Supreme Court of justice of Colombia in its Resolution of December 19th 1946 has ratified that the foundations “(…) are born from an act of individual will, isolated or associated to other wills, act translated into a social purpose such as the education, science culturing, charity, etc. (…)”.


In the specific case of the V M Rabolú Foundation, this was born as an act of the Mrs. OLGA GORDILLO widow of AMORTEGUI´s will, who decided that the Copyrights should be completely transferred to the V M Rabolú Foundation which must be in charge of acting as an appropriate administrative organism that lets and generates the diffusion and protection of the work “HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET”, all over the world in a free, united and efficient manner.





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