The main and essential assets that constitute the patrimony of the V. M. Rabolu Foundation are: first of all our social capital, represented by the interaction among our volunteers, students, teachers and other groups of people, and the ability of the united work to the common good through solidarity, reliability and moral values. From this united work organizations like ours are created and supported assuring, with their  results, the sustainable and viable permanence of its object.


Consequently, the social capital is transcendental for the success of any organization, mainly because it gives opportunities of active participation to those institutions, which can move on routes that are more formalto achieve change, such as educational institutions, in our case.


Secondly, as stated in the certified register issued by the Ministry of Interior through the National Directory of Copyright, which appears in Book 11Volume 78 Item 68 of the authorial register of Colombia.


Furthermore, the Foundation receives donations in money or in kind from third parties that allow it to develop its object and goals and which are aimed exclusively at fulfilling them.


Also constituting part of the patrimony of the V M Rabolú Foundation are the trademarks of full and absolute property of the institution, registered by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce of Colombia, which identify the work “HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET” also its author V. M. Rabolú.


These aforementioned registered trademarks property of the V M Rabolú Foundation are identified as follow:





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