This book was written in Colombia in 1998 by Joaquín Enrique Amórtegui Valbuena (V.M. Rabolú).


It is a short work, ideal for an hour of reading, registered with the Ministry of Culture under Resolution 065 of June 10, 1999.


The book Hercolubus or Red Planet gets reflections especially on the youth, by encouraging respect for and appreciation of life in all its forms.


Somehow it decrypts the magical world of the young. There, through the reading alone with the author, they make their own discoveries, expand their horizons, open their paths, make critical reading, translate the words into meaning , disagree, imagine, create , investigate , envision ; they understand the value of life and respect for the other.


As a reading, this work opens an inexhaustible source of questions that lead to the search for answers where they are. It questions and moves readers in general to be the ones who also build their own paths, knowledge and answers.


Through the Program “A Book for All”, it has been read in thousands of schools or educational institutions of America.



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